How do we ship?
Our team makes every effort to deliver your order as soon as possible. Once the order is placed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your order details from us. Followed by your order, we will dispatch your order on a priority basis.
Usually, the orders are dispatched within 48 hours after they are placed. However, in case of delays, our team will inform you via e-mail or phone.
We are offering free shipping in Pakistan. The estimated delivery varies from 2-4 business days across Pakistan.
If you don’t receive your order within the estimated time, please contact us via e-mail ( or call or drop us a message at WhatsApp at the customer service help desk (+92-300-946-7878). Ensure you have your order number while registering your complaint about the delays.

What is our Return/Exchange Policy?
We have a Generous 14-Days Easy Return & Exchange Policy. A product will only be exchanged or returned if the customer receives a damaged product. The product that does not meet your specifications can be exchanged. Please contact us via our customer service e-mail ( to return or exchange the product. Attaching the evidence in the form of a picture is a must to register your complaint. Please attach the image of the invoice with the e-mail as well. You can also call us or drop us a WhatsApp message at (+92-300-946-7878) to register your complaint with your order ID.
Following our Generous 14-Days Easy Return & Exchange Policy, customers can register the return/exchange complaint within 14 days after they receive the product. Hair Beauty will entertain no complaints after this duration.
To register an online complaint in case you receive any product in an unsatisfactory condition, please send us your objection via e-mail ( with the order number, clear pictures of the damaged item, and invoice for your order.
Please note that we have a Generous 14-Days Easy Return & Exchange Policy, and we will not consider the cases reported after 14 days after you receive the order.

How should I report a defective item?
Per our Generous 14-Days Easy Return & Exchange Policy, If you receive any defective item from our side delivered anywhere in Pakistan, you can report that within 14 days of receiving the item. We will arrange reverse pickup; our courier will pick up the defective item from your doorstep and deliver new products. We will notify the pickup timing and date to the customer beforehand. Please remember that although the product will be picked up from your doorstep, we will need the photographic evidence and invoice through e-mail ( on our customer service e-mail or WhatsApp (+92-300-946-7878) on our customer service help desk to proceed.
The customers must return the product in the same condition and packaging for the exchange process to happen smoothly. In other situations, customers would have to bear the additional cost of product handling.